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Get the Big Picture

Real time updates of planned & actual income vs planned and actual costs across all your projects

Spot your problem projects at a glance

Know your Clients

Understand exactly which clients you should focus on growing business with (and those you should avoid!)

Cultivate a sustainable business

Know your Employees

Simple visualisation of historic performance & instantaneous statistics on all your employees

Avoid overloading your team

Simple Resource Planner

Simply choose project duration then add resources and select their level of involvement.

Your total job cost, allowing for individual resource utilisation and company overheads, is done!

Phased Resource Planner

Break your project up into stages, each with their own resource combinations.

Plan a multi-year project in seconds

Balance your workloads

Tell at a glance which employees are overloaded or under-resourced

Run an efficient business with ease

Simple Fee Calculations

Choose from our easy to use calculators : Hourly Billing, Cost Plus or Lump Sum

Ensure your fees maintain a healthy profit margin

1-Click Service Proposals

Generate customised Service Proposals, based on your own Word templates, with a single click

Save hours of senior resources' time

Maintain your Margins

Effortlessly check that your billing rates are covering ALL costs for each employee

Manage your profits for each of your clients

Frictionless Timesheets & Expense Claims

Unique closed-loop timesheets automatically update with hours spent and hours remaining.
Capture employee and company expenses with ease.

Automatically keep your team in the loop

Real time project expense tracking

Approved costs (time or expenses) are reflected instantaneously

No more surprises!

Effortless Forecasting

Forecast your cost-to-completion with a simple drag

Identify Problem Projects before they become Problem Projects

Recover your Costs

Add hours or reimburable expenses to invoices with a few clicks

Stop bankrolling your clients

Schedule your Billings

Preload your monthly invoicing schedules in seconds.

Manage your pipeline with ease

Customised 1-Click Invoices

Create your own invoice layouts in MS Word.
Generate your invoice with a single click.

Make Month-end easy

Simple To Do Lists

Allocate and track short term tasks for any project to any employee

Ditch the post-it-notes

Sync with your Calendar

Sync your personalised feed of task deadlines to your calendar on any device.

Manage your Deadlines with ease